Customer Service

Welcome to our Customer Service page. How can we help you today?

How to:

  • How can I get a size chart?
  • Size charts are available on all our product pages.
  • How to use your custom graphics and text/logo
  • Simply add your graphic or custom logo in our design tool. Please review our copyright notice before adding someone else's custom graphic.
  • How to save your items
  • Our site uses cookies, meaning as long as you use the same device your items will be saved in your cart. We recommend you create an account first and then add your items to your cart so it can always be saved for your convenience.
  • How to download your design
  • From our design studio, you can select preview, then save your image to your device.
  • Save you designs
  • You need to first create your account, then add your design in our our design studio and select the "Save" button on the upper right section.
  • Track your order
  • Once your complete your purchase and we physically send out your items, UPS will automatically will send out your tracking code to the provided email for security reasons.
  • How to order
  • Select your product, add your design, then select "Buy Now". Or call 305-409-3075